About Ourselves
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Dear gentlemen!

The company I. Schmidt Handelsgesellschaft mbH (Berlin, Germany) has been one of the chief European producers of preserved food for already more than 35 years. All its production is manufactured according to West-European standards, controlled by the company I. Schmidt Handelsgesellschaft mbH, as well as its branches abroad.
They have collaborated with leading networks in Europe, which preserve food both with a trademark I. Schmidt Handelsgesellschaft mbH, and with their own private brands. Тhe company presents the trademark MIKADO.
Its products are exported into 18 countries of South-Western Asia, Europe, South-America, Africa. There is a constant increase in production of their own private manufacture as well.
Stylish European design of the etiquettes, firm-packings, traditional German quality,which is supervised by firm-representatives in their native Countries, as well as a large matrix of assortment here is the present outlook of TM MIKADO .
Our company tends to have a long-term strategic companionship. We offer exclusively mutually-profitable companionship.


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